Dr. Lucas Goetz


Dr. Lucas Goetz graduated Palmer in February 2018. Dr. Goetz is originally from Wisconsin where he was an athlete on the Badger men’s volleyball team. He enjoys being active, weightlifting, and continues to play competitive volleyball. Dr. Goetz is a full spine doctor and has had extensive training for treating extremities including shoulders, elbows, hands/wrists, hips, knees, feet/ankles, and TMJ. He received this training while interning under a world-renowned extremity expert, Dr. Mitch Mally. While in school Dr. Goetz traveled across the country and to England to teach other doctors those extremity techniques. Dr. Goetz has worked with all types of patients from the young, elderly, and professional athletes. Most recently Dr. Goetz worked as an associate chiropractor for two years where he trained and treated patients extensively utilizing soft tissue mobilization.