Sports are fun, healthy, and bring people from all over the world together. However, sports are known to cause some of the worst injuries to players. Sports can require atheletes to move fast, lift heavy things, make contact with other athletes, and can potentially overexert the body and cause injuries. Setbacks from these injuries can weigh heavily on athletes.
If you get injured in a sports-related accident, seeking medical intervention is important. Chiropractic care for sports injuries can provide the optimal results. Here are some of the most common sports injuries that chiropractors help treat:


Sports activities can be vigorous and straining. Sports can stretch and exert pressure on muscles and ligaments. When the ligaments and tendons are stretched too much, they are strained, causing pain to the athlete. They cause pain, stiffness, swelling, and spasms.


Trauma and injury cause swelling and pain. Swollen muscles interfere with fluid circulation in the body, causing internal imbalances. Too much pressure on nerves and muscles can cause compartment syndrome, which is detrimental to muscles.

Shin Splints

A shin splint affects all athletes but mainly those who run. When the legs hit hard surfaces, the body is unable to cushion the shin bone (tibia) from the shock. This causes painful throbbing to the muscles around the tibia. Shin splints cause pain and inflammation on the inside and on the edge of the tibia.


Dislocations happen when the bones form a joint separate. Contact sports and other rough sports are notorious for causing dislocations. Dislocations cause intense pain to the athlete. Minor dislocations can be treated by resetting the bones back in place and putting a sling on the joint for a few weeks. Severe dislocations may require surgery to fix.


Injuries that cause bones to break are called fractures. Blunt trauma and repetitive impact lead to bone fractures. Fractures should be treated as emergencies and should be attended to as soon as possible. Sometimes, the athlete can heal from the fracture, but pain and inflammation linger for some time.

How Does Chiropractic Care Help?

As an athlete, pushing through the pain is not an option. Taking too much pain medication poses a health hazard too. Chiropractors offer a variety of options to cope with sports-related injuries. Minor injuries can be treated with resting, compression, and elevation. Other injuries may be treated with myofascial release and soft tissue mobilization. Chiropractors will assess the root of the pain and prescribe the right treatment option to help with the pain.
Depending on the injury, we will recommend different treatments for your specific injuries. We implement techniques that target specific problem areas to address and treat the pain.
To learn more about chiropractic care for sports injuries, contact Peak Performance and Wellness in Davenport, Iowa at (608) 293-3195.

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