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Peak Performance + Wellness

​​​​​​Peak Performance + Wellness utilizes a multi-step approach to attack your issues from all angles, including manual adjustments, soft tissue therapy, and corrective exercises/stretching so you can return to your active lifestyle as fast as possible!

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Dr. Goetz treats patients with a patented soft tissue technique that focuses on relieving tissue tension via the removal of fibrosis/adhesions, which can develop in tissues as a result of overload due to repetitive use. These disorders may lead to muscular weakness, numbness, aching, tingling, and burning sensations. This soft tissue performance care method concentrates upon removing restrictions that inhibit full range of motion, and in restoring full function and performance to affected soft tissues. This process can result in significant increases in sports performance of power, strength, and flexibility.

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Dr. Goetz is professional and incredibly thorough. He listens, is easy to work with, and very knowledgable. Manual adjustments are helpful, but I go to Dr. Goetz because of his use of soft tissue therapy and stretching techniques. He is great with young people too! My 11 year old, whose growing pains have been *painful*, has benefitted from Dr. Goetz' care as well!

Amy B.

Dr. Lucas treated my nagging lower back pain. When I mean "treated" its gone. I have continued to see Dr. Lucas for over a year now. His soft tissue therapy is a game changer. I lift weights 5 days a week. When I go in to see Dr. Lucas he is able to target soreness in my shoulders and elbows. His treatment allows me to return to the gym pain free. Quick story....I wasn't able to do a certain tricep exercise due to elbow pain. I talked to Dr. Lucas, he was familiar with the problem treated it and I was able to perform the exercise the next day!!!!!! No pain and that was over 6 months ago. Get in to see Dr. Lucas at Peak Performance.

Nino S.

Dr. Lucas is fantastic. In the Quad Cities there is no shortage of chiropractors and I have been to a few to help with lower back and shoulder pain. He spends the time to focus on those areas and works the muscles to correct the issues. I don’t feel like he rushes me to get out of there with the same 5 adjustments that other chiros do to get you out in 5-10 minutes.

Chad M.

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